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Passion and commitment to skills development fuels Jay Moodley at CHIETA
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Passion and commitment to skills development fuels Jay Moodley at CHIETA


The new Executive Manager in charge of Quality Assurance at the Chemical Industry and Training Authority (CHIETA), Ms Jay Moodley, is passionate about skills development and wants to see the authority playing its role in closing the skills gap.


Ms Moodley joined CHIETA in July 2018 after several years working in chemical laboratory operations, Training and Development, standards setting, learning programme implementation and managing Quality assurance in Education and Training.


“I am Jayaluxmi Moodley, commonly known as Jay,” she said when asked to say something about herself.


“I am passionate about skills development and I would love to see the products of the processes that we oversee being absorbed into industry. I am hopeful that our youth would read more to fulfil our father’s wishes”


The Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) boss sees her responsibilities at CHIETA as centred on ensuring quality assurance and getting buy-in from stakeholders.


“At CHIETA I will fulfil the following responsibilities: Oversee the effective management of the ETQA department, which would incorporate all activities associated with the Quality Assurance (QA) of legacy and the new occupationally based Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QTCO) qualifications,” Ms Moodley said.


“Inherent in these Quality Assurance functions are activities such as granting accreditation status, ensuring that learning programmes are implemented, monitoring skills development providers to ensure that quality learning delivery occurs, providing for external summative assessments in the process,  providing for final certification for qualifications, assessors, moderators, skills development providers and approving workplaces where work integrated learning will occur.”  


As a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA), CHIETA will also ensure that its grants are awarded to deserving candidates so that they can create the envisaged value.


“In addition one would need to ensure that CHIETA’s downstream activities, such as providing grants for learning activities are based on sound quality assurance prescripts and this process must be supported adequately by the Quality Assurance department,” Ms Moodley added.


“CHIETA will also assess whether there are adequate numbers of training providers for the various disciplines and ensure that training providers are available to conduct the necessary training.


“There is need to also focus on the impact that the QA functionality must be creating across all the activities.”


Ms Moodley has set herself short-term objectives to improve the quality of service provided by her department and these include overseeing the amendment and implementation of processes that are undertaken for all QA activities at the SETA.


She will seek to improve turn around response times for the delivery of all QA pivotal activities in order for the QA department to be responsive to the needs of all stakeholders.


Ms Moodley will also work with other departments within CHIETA to obtain better synergies to improve the authority’s service delivery and implement the Automated Learner Database with all relevant stakeholders.


“We will engage all stakeholders with a view to responding to all challenges that they may be experiencing with QA functions,” she added. In the next six months, Ms Moodley said CHIETA will implement certain QCTO Assessment Quality Partnership (AQP) requirements that will be decided by the QCTO.


“In the long term, CHIETA will be providing a developmental approach for small to medium size enterprises operating in the QA space,” she said.

“CHIETA will also implement and maintain a superior QA functionality for the chemicals industry.”


A warm welcoming to Jay!!

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