The CHIETA Discretionary Grant is available for employers/enterprises within the chemical sector and is aimed at addressing skills needs identified through the CHIETA Sector Skills Plan. Due to lack of adequate experts in the listed areas, the supply chain management (SCM) processes because three quotes are needed and each qualification must have a suitable Developer and a Moderator, did not yield adequate applicants to proceed, hence the DG route.

The CHIETA hereby invites application from qualifying chemical sector employers and enterprises to apply for the 2021/21 special cycle of the DG funding windows to support its Annual Performance Plan. The window is open for all who qualify even those who attempted the recent SCM processes.

This application window will only be open for duration of 2 weeks. As per the CHIETA Funding Policy, all grant applications must be for projects that are being implemented within the current financial period, from 01 April 2021 to 31 March 2022.


Download Full Advert:
DG Advert 2021 EISA Tools Dev290921 (003)

Download Documents:
Application Form DG2021-2022-C2 EISA TOOLS Development Projects
Declaration of interest – 2021-2022 C2
Specs for EISA Exams for Glass Annealing Operator
Specs for EISA Exams for Glass Bath Operator
Specs for EISA Exams for Glass Container Forming Operator
Specs for EISA Exams for Glass Spout Operator

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