The CHIETA’s business is dependent on documents and information and as such it is a document and information-driven organisation, which relies heavily on the flow of information to and from its stakeholders.
Since the inception of COVID-19, CHIETA is utilizing a hybrid work structure, most CHIETA officials are working from home and a need arises for the implementation of a Digital Signature Solution that will be an enabler to support the objective to transform from a paper-based document manual signature operation (letters, reports, submissions etc). It will enable CHIETA to replace slow, expensive, and non-productive paper-based approval, collaboration, and delivery processes with fast, low-cost, and efficient digital operations. This will result in:

• Improved operational efficiency, reduced cycle time, and eliminated costs;
• Mitigated risk, ensured compliance, secure and authentic signatory ability,
data quality, document integrity and long-term file retention.


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