As per the approved CHIETA Corporate and Management Calendar 2024 the Management Strategic session is scheduled for 12 and 13 June 2024 and the Board Strategic session for 26 and 27 June 2024.

Considering the rapid changes and uncertainties within the macro and transaction environments and within our industry, it has become increasingly imperative for our organization to adopt forward-thinking strategies that can effectively support organization agility by pro-actively identifying potential challenges, strategic solutions and capitalize on emerging opportunities.
Traditional strategic planning methods may not adequately equip us to navigate the complexities and uncertainties hence we request that we utilize independent expertise and assurance to assist us with our annual strategic update and continuous calibration of our strategic journey as an organization.

Scope of work

The requested potential service provider needs to be able to assist CHIETA with the following

• Support the CEO and management in setting the scene for our planning sessions through a credible assessment of the relevant current and anticipated trends globally, locally and within the Chemical and related sectors, and its direct and indirect impact to the execution of the CHIETA vision and mission statements. The assessment and
environmental scanning must also focus on trend analysis to identify key drivers of change and critical uncertainties.
• Utilize the CEO scene setting report, staff input, supporting management presentations at the management session to structure a focused facilitation session with attendees at the management session on the possible confirmation, update/amendment, or removal of strategic priorities to be considered by the CEO for recommendation to the Board Strategic sessions.
• Utilizing above-mentioned input and exposure for the formulation of plausible future scenarios for CHIETA to support resilience and agility. This is to systematically explore and analyze various futures for CHIETA, each based on different critical uncertainties relevant to CHIETA. Four scenarios are required defined in high and low road scenarios
with environmental trigger points that will assist CHIETA with future planning towards 2030. It must also identify the current scenario in which CHIETA is functioning as a mechanism to realistically evaluate current strategic priorities and resource allocation and further assist in the formulation of strategic responses and action plans tailored to each
scenario, including risk mitigation measures and opportunity identification.
• Possibly support focus group sessions with stakeholders for additional input and wisdom, buy in and support should it be directed by the CEO and the Governing Board.
• Assist management with the compilation and writing of a report forthcoming from the management strategic sessions, capturing the discussions and recommendation by the CEO and management to the Board Strategic session.
• Assist management with the potential updates to the CHIETA Strategic Plan and APP 2025/26 in preparation for the first draft submissions traditionally required by 30 September 2024.


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