This document has been prepared to invite service providers with experience in constructing and managing cloud hosting environments to make a proposal based on scope of work laid out herein for a period of five (05) years. This request for proposal (RFP) therefore consists of a detailed description of the service required, the goals to be achieved, the features and elements to be demonstrated in the proposal. 

It is expected that the resulting cloud environment will be stable, secure, scalable, easy to manage, and cost-effective to run. This project is open to any service provider with experience in cloud computing. Different Azure services offer a wide range of tools and features that could be used to fulfil the requirements, and any Azure engineers have the expertise to utilize these services cost-effectively. We are also open to any third-party tools or services that could be used in conjunction with an Azure environment to improve functionality, ease of management, or cost-effectiveness. Any third-party services must be well-documented and well supported.


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