The CHIETA would like to appoint a suitable subject matter expert (SME), trained to facilitate the development of occupational qualifications and skills programmes, to facilitate the development of the Explosives Manufacturing Plant Head Skills Programme (Curriculum Code: 900436-000-00-00).


2. Scope of work and expected delivery.
   • Facilitate scoping and profiling meetings.
   • Facilitate development of Knowledge and Application modules (Practical &/Workplace) for curriculum.
   • Facilitate and compile Skills Programme document, Curriculum, QAS Document and QAS Addendum, as per                 QCTO and SAQA specifications.
   • Complete all QCTO reports.
   • Submission and presentation of all developed documents for QCTO preverification and verification meetings             where applicable
   • Submission of completed Skills Programme document, Curriculum, QAS document and QAS addendum, and                 reports as per QCTO and SAQA specifications and templates to the CHIETA for QCTO evaluation and registration         on the NQF.
   • Fully completed work means that QCTO has approved the developed occupational qualification(s) for registration         by SAQA.


3. Administrative task
    • The SME is expected to have stable internet connection or access for online meetings with stakeholders for the              development process including engagement sessions with CHIETA DQP Team.
    • The SME is expected to have all documents typed out on MICROSOFT word using latest QCTO templates.
    • The CHIETA will facilitate arrangements for meetings and the distribution of documents to all relevant                              stakeholders.


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