The CHIETA hosts its Annual General Meetting (AGM)

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  • October 31, 2019
The CHIETA hosts its Annual General Meetting (AGM)

The CHIETA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) recently took place in Johannesburg, where the organisation was set to report on its performance for the period 2018/2019.

On 23 October 2019, the CHIETA hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Protea Hotel at OR Tambo in Gauteng. In attendance was, the CHIETA Board of Directors, the CHIETA Executive team and the CHIETA Management team. The CHIETA Audit Committee, Chamber Members and other stakeholders from our TVET College Partners and Employer Company Partners also attended the meeting.

The agenda for the AGM included several mandatory items that are prescribed by the CHIETA Constitution, these items include:

  • Annual Financial Statements of the Accounting Authority for 2018/2019
  • Annual Report of the Accounting Authority Affairs for 2018/2019
  • Report of the Auditor-General on the Accounting Authority for 2018/2019
  • CHIETA’s Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan, and Budget for 2020/2021
  • CHIETA SSP 2019/2022

Executive Manager for Research and Skills Planning, Ms. Kedibone Moroane was the Programme Director for the event and her task was to ensure that the event runs smoothly and to set the context for each of our speakers’ presentations. First to the podium was the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the CHIETA, Ms. Mashila Matlala, who officially welcomed all stakeholders in attendance including all the VIP guests in her opening remarks.

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) CEO Mr. Wassim Carrim, was invited to give the keynote address. He highlighted many key projects that the NYDA is currently planning and spoke at length about the need for entities, both government and non-government, to stop operating in silos and rather focus on a collaborative approach that would be beneficial to making lasting changes in South Africa.

Stephan Lottering and Philile Mngadi respectively were then invited to the stage to give their testimony about their experiences at the World Skills Summit 2019 in Russia. Both participants gave heartfelt testimonies about their lifechanging experiences in Russia and all the learnings that they have brought back with them from the experience. Later in the day, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, invited Lottering and Mngadi back to the stage, to be presented with tool kits for their specific trades, that would assist them throughout their careers. 

Ms Matlala then took the opportunity to call on the industry and the South African government as a whole, to play their part in ensuring that training and preparations for the World Skills Summit becomes an integral part of the skills development and training programmes, that starts at grassroots level and ensures that the learners are well equipped to compete on a global stage with their international counterparts.

The CEO of CHIETA, Mr. Khathutshelo Ramukumba was then called to the stage to give a presentation on the organisation’s performance in the period 2018/2019. “I have the unenviable to the task of presenting to you the annual report which amongst other things suggests some kind of the regression on the performance of the organisation,” said Ramukumba. He then took the time to go into the specific details of the challenge that the organisation has experienced in regards to its annual performance and the fact that the CHIETA had no received a clean audit for the first time in five years.

On a positive note, he then gave the stakeholders in attendance a detailed report on some of the key highlights in terms of the CHIETA’s performance in the 2018/2019 according to the APP (key performance indicators that have been approved). In this period the CHIETA has been able to achieve 100%of its approved APPs for this financial year. This he said, can serve as an indication to the CHIETA member companies who pay levies, that the SETA does indeed to drive the implementation of the mandate to provide Skills Development and Training in the sector, in more than 40% of the APPs the 100% mark was exceeded. 

The only blemish on the CHIETA’s scorecard was the verdict that CHIETA did not receive a clean audit because they exceeded the budget for 2018/2019. Farhad Motala, the CFO for the CHIETA gave a detailed account of the CHIETA’s financials, giving stakeholders in attendance an explanation on why the organisation did not receive a clean audit from the Auditor General. The technicalities in this regard can be found in the CFO’s article that is included in this newsletter or click here 

Motala, also advised that the organisation would be contesting this outcome with the AGSA’s office, with the full support of the CHIETA Board of Directors and Executive team to ensure that this issue is resolved moving forward. CHIETA stakeholders will be informed on the progress in this regard at a later stage. 

“We’ve consistently had a drive as Management and the Board of Directors at the CHIETA, to ensure that we pay out much more than we receive because of the reserves we have. We strive to reduce the reserves to a minimum where we can break even. These reserves primarily are to ensure that the certification targets of the next year are achieved.” Said Motala.

Ramukumba then returned to the stage to present, for adoption, the CHIETA’s new Strategic Plan and APP for the 2020/2021 period. In his presentation, he advised that the CHIETA had only crafted the first draft of its APP because the one-on-one engagements with the Department of Higher Education and Training had not yet taken place. These engagements are necessary in order for the organisation to understand what the Department of Higher Education and Training would like for the CHIETA to prioritise, in terms of programme design and targets for the new period.

This engagement with the Department was to take place post the AGM on 25 October 2019. It is only after this engagement that the organisation will be able to craft the APP for the next financial period. This means that the 2020/21 APP would only be adopted in January 2020.

He then went on to share the broad outlook of how the new APP has been structured and to assure stakeholders that due process will be followed to come up with a solid plan. “You can take confidence in knowing that through the various representations that you have, all stakeholders will have input into what becomes the final annual plan for the CHIETA,” said Ramukumba.

The meeting was then concluded when the Chairman of the Board was called upon to table the annual report for adoption by the stakeholders in attendance. To view the latest Annual Report for the CHIETA please click here