The CHIETA Launches its Newly Refreshed Corporate Identity

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  • November 29, 2019
The CHIETA Launches its Newly Refreshed Corporate Identity

After months of crafting, the CHIETA is ready to unveil a new look which is designed to speak to its audience – the youth of South Africa

In June 2019, the CHIETA underwent a process of developing its new Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) Strategy, in an effort to gain some insights on how to best improve on its current marketing and communications efforts with stakeholders. Some of the key findings in the strategy included the identified need for the CHIETA to update and refresh its brand so that it speaks to and reflects the youthful nature of the core stakeholders that it serves.

Following the approval of the new IMC strategy, the Stakeholder Relations team pulled together an implementation plan that would detail how the team would create and roll out the refreshed corporate identity/brand. The CHIETA team worked with their appointed agency who assisted them to develop the concept of the fresh corporate identity. Further still the brief was to take the refreshed identity and to package it into a corporate identity manual that defines the rules and regulations on how to utilise the CHIETA’s brand on all marketing and communications collateral, print and digital platforms including social media.

Firstly, it is important to note that the CHIETA’s logo was not changed in any way, but it served as inspiration for the look and feel that supports the logo in terms of the visual representation of the brand on various mediums.  In addition to the logo, a new pay offline was crafted for the CHIETA, which is designed to position the SETA’s desire to continue on its journey as a thought leader in the space of enabling skills development and training as well as facilitating transformation in the chemical sector. The new pay offline for the CHIETA is Enabling Today. Transforming the Future.

Inspired by the beacon in the CHIETA logo, the visual language has a lot of different colours that represent the plethora of colour compounds that form when chemical reactions happen. The colours that have been selected are bright and vibrant to represent the youthfulness, optimism and colourful nature of the CHIETA brand. The core colours of the CHIETA brand (purple and yellow) have not been changed, but rather a set of secondary colours has been introduced to breathe life into the CHIETA brand aesthetic.

From an imagery perspective, the idea was to ensure that any images that are utilised to represent the CHIETA must always have a human face or a human touch in them. The images used can represent the chemical industry but they must not be highly stylised, but rather naturally lit and clean with limited use of filters.

Ultimately the refreshed brand is designed to represent the CHIETA’s continuous drive to enable learners, graduates and unemployed youth through their Skills Development and Training initiatives. It also represents a less stoic side of the brand which then makes the CHIETA brand look and feel more innovative, youthful and approachable to all stakeholders both internally and externally.

The new look for the CHIETA was launched both to staff and to external stakeholders with a teaser campaign that led to the official launch of the refreshed brand.